Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

   We spent some part of every day at the beach and Christmas eve was no different!

Most of the day was spend playing in the sand and the water.  Sky is a veritable fish but on Christmas eve, she as most excited about getting to have chips and tea at the beach like she used to do when she was a toddler.

Same spicy girl (in 2012), still loves her tea at the beach!

After the beach and some dinner, we got cleaned up, put on our matching outfits, and headed to church for the candlelight service

After church, we put on jammies, made cocoa, watched Arthur Christmas, just like we do every year.

In the morning, the kids slept in for just a little while and then were chomping at the bit to get started with all the opening

Well, three of them were.  Fire needed some food and cuddles before he was ready for action

First up: stockings!

Then presents
  Since the kids' main gift this year was the trip to Kwaj, there were fewer physical gifts than usual, and because the kids are getting older, we tried opening gifts one at a time, just like we used to do in my family when I was a kid

Fire liked the slower pace of things since it gave him a chance to find Waldo between turns!

Sky was less of a fan and just wanted to dive right in!

Nice hat D!

One of the biggest hits of the day as far as presents went was the walkie-talkies that Water got from my mom.  The kids loved hiding around the house and talking to each other on them


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