About the Earrings You Haven't Gotten in the Mail Yet

To all the lovely folks that won earrings in my last giveaway and haven't received them, it's because they all showed up in my PO box last night.  I took them to the post office again this morning, added more postage and begged the teller there to call me at home if I needed to come in to add more (since it's Kwaj, you can do that).  Hopefully, the postage I added will be enough and the earrings will be on their way to you again.  And hopefully they'll reach you this time.  I am so sorry for the delay!


  1. lmao. no worries. post office also rejected package i am sending to you - i'm going to try again tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for being so understanding! I feel really bad about this. Mail is one of tricky things on Kwaj and I guess I don't have it quite figured out yet.

  2. I just received mine! Thank you so much I love them!


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