Finding His Joy

Shortly after we moved to Tucson, Sky tried gymnastics and loved it.  It was her joy, at least for a little while, and she was excited for every class.  We've been hoping we could find something for Fire that he loved just as much and we may have finally found it in baseball.
One of his good friends invited Fire to join his coach-pitch team and Fire is having a great time!  He looks forward to every practice and game and asks to practice at home.  I'm so glad he has something he can be excited about!

   Fire has struggled a little bit with the skills of the game but he's picking them up quickly.  He really listens to his coaches and tries to do what they tell him.  He's consistently improved throughout the season and has even asked to go to baseball camp this summer.

   While catching and throwing have been a bit of challenge for Fire, he seems to be a natural hitter and has gotten on base every time he's been up to bat.  I'm hoping baseball camp this summer helps refine his skills so that he feels even more confident when he plays

Say "cheese", you goofy, sweet, baseball-loving boy!


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