Citizenship for Earth

We're wading back into the citizenship process for this wild child!  We tried once before shortly after we moved to the US but were rejected because of missing paperwork.  At the time, I had a hard time finding the correct information about the process we needed to follow for him- Sky and Earth's process we pretty straight-forward but Earth's is little more convoluted.

  Here's how I believe it goes for a child born in a foreign country and adopted by US citizens while they reside outside the US, if they file for the child's citizenship after returning to America using the N-600 process:

1: You must have documented legal custody of the child for two years 
2: File both the I-130 to prove your legal relationship to the child and the I-485 to adjust their status to legal alien resident (if not already done)
3: Once those the child is accepted as a legal alien resident, you can file the N-600 requesting expedited naturalization

  I mailed in Earth's I-130 and I-485 on 4-18-18 and will continue to share our citizenship process through this path here.  I will also add this post to the US Citizenship page, where you can also find information about the N-600K citizenship process.


  1. I remember going through that process for my RMI boy Joel. Are you getting the citizenship certificate? I did not. We just filed to get him a US passport a week ago.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by! We will be getting a certificate of citizenship for Earth, so that he has another form of proof of citizenship besides his passport (since those can expire). I think if you're far enough along to get his passport than you should just need to fill out a request for a certificate, right?


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