In Pictures

 This boy wants to do everything Daddy does, including starting the grill!

 Goofing off at Fire's baseball practice

I think this cowboy is confused about what a cattle dog is for...

 Sky and I got the first pedicures of the season and enjoyed some girl time

 The clubhouse hosted a family event for the release of the movie Coco and all the kids had their faces painted like Miguel

I was in the bathroom for two minutes and came out to find this happening on my kitchen counter:

Earth was referred for an eye exam and loved having time with just mama and the attention of the techs

We took a family field trip to the Botanical Gardens to see the Origami statues.  This white buffalo was my favorite

Sky is amazing with legos!  She made this apple with a worm sticking out all on her own

I think I won the internet with a cute baby and a giant cat in the same picture!

 Earth has been promoted to head chef and will now be taking orders...

 D and I had a date night for barbecue and an off-Broadway show.  We saw Book of Mormon and while neither of us liked it, it was nice to get out of the house and have something other than the kids to talk about

 These boys were too handsome before church

Sky is still getting Tinker-Crates from her grandparents and the most recent one was a plantarium
   She loves it and all her brothers are jealous that she has stars in her room every night

Earth wanted to help D with his Jeep ball joint project...

Painting is huge in our family right now, so I love these Melissa and Doug pages that only require water and are super easy to clean up

Some days are terrible but then Mama makes you and your brother swords and everything is better


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