Life Lately, In Pictures

It's past time for a photo catch up!
Batman versus Superman, junior edition...

D gets a work out when everyone says they want a piggy back ride to bed

Sky's best friends are moving soon so we've been squeezing in as much time with them as we can.  One evening I piled all the kids in the truck and we had a fro-yo treat after dinner

Every Wednesday, one of Sky's friends comes home with us after Good News club.  The weather was beautiful on this particular afternoon so we headed to a nearby playground. 

  That same week, during the unseasonably warm weather, I took the kids to the pool after school.  We didn't stay too long but it was great to be in the water again.  The best part (for me at least) is that most of the kids are big enough to carry their own towels.  Giving them just that tiny bit of responsibility frees me up so much and it feels like a big step for our family- we've got more big kids than babies now!

Earth is having a rough time with all the changes lately: pacifier weaning, moving to a big-boy bed, and moving to boys room from his own room.  Add a bad cold to that and I've been spending a lot of time in the rocking chair with this sad little boy.

We used to go for evening walks all the time on Kwajalein but for some reason it's way harder to get out and walk here.  Two years after moving in, we finally did it!  There was a jazz band playing at the lake and we had a great time just walking around, listening to them, and enjoying the sunset.


Sky was getting ready for a sleepover at her friend's house and Earth wanted to put on a backpack and go too!

Fire loves stormtroopers and his grandparents surprised him with a stormtrooper bear for his birthday.  He loves his new friend and carries his bear with him every where- even on shoulder rides to bed


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