A Day in the Life

We are overdue for a "day in the life" post here!
 It has been really warm here lately so shorts and a sweater were the mom-uniform of the day

The little boys have graduated from a stroller to the wagon for walks.  Water didn't have preschool this morning so I piled them in and we headed out for a lap around the lake

After our walk, we drove into Tucson to meet some friends at the zoo.  There are some red pandas on display there now and Earth loved watching them- he thought they were cats!

After a picnic lunch at the zoo, the boys napped in the truck on the way home, and then it was computer time for everyone until Sky and Fire came home on the bus


dinner prep,

then homework and playtime.

 Sky is so inventive!  She built a campsite out of sticks while the boys were playing inside.

The rest of the day was full of the rush of dinner, AWANAS, and our small group meeting so I completely forgot to take pictures.  This was one of those good, golden days that I love having and am so glad I was able to capture!


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