A Visit from the Godparents

Our kids' godparents, their Auntie Mo and Uncle Paul still live in the Marshall Islands so when they told us they'd be in Texas and could stop by on their way back home, we jumped at the chance to spend a few days with them.

   They asked for the kids' Amazon lists and went a little crazy buying for them but it was wonderful to see the kids loved on so much.  On their first afternoon here, we celebrated Christmas with them (or Christma-geddon, as D called it, when he saw all the presents!)

  All the kids loved their gifts.  After everything was opened, the kids settled into some serious play time.
 Uncle Paul helped Fire build one of his new lego sets

while Earth and Water played with their cars

and Sky set up her Barbie house.

The boys read books with Auntie Mo

and Uncle Paul got in some snuggle time with Earth

I didn't get too many pictures while they were here we did attempt a group shot...

  We're so blessed to have people like this is our kids lives!  Mo and Paul love the kids so much and just love spending time with them.  They are so kind and generous and I'm so glad we got to see them while they were stateside, even if it was just for a few days.


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