Fire's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Fire!  I can't believe you're six!  You've grown so much in the last year and we had so much fun celebrating the start of a new one with you!

Fire was so excited for his birthday that he was up early and dressed when I came home from my training run so we started the day out with a selfie

We had church in the morning then after lunch and quiet time, two of Fire's best friends came over
They played race cars and then raced around the house and yard

Fire asked for pizza for dinner and cupcakes instead of a cake- for all his big noises and dramatic behavior, he's a pretty low key boy
Happy Birthday to you!

After cupcakes, Fire opened his presents

He loved all his gifts but his favorite was the stormtrooper bear

Fire also got stormtrooper pajamas so we had to get a picture of him and his matching bear

How did Fire get to be six?!  I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you, my wild, crazy, loud, loving boy!


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