Sky's Baptism

One of the unexpected bonuses of having to spend all that time in the states is that we could have our families at Sky's baptism. On April 3rd Sky was baptized into the Church in Adair IA by my mom. Lots of family and friends came into town for the baptism (and the potluck afterward!). It was a really wonderful day.

 Family photo

Reading the Word

Baptizing in the Water

Laying on hands

My nephew R

My nephew R... trying to eat my nose!

D and Sky

Oh, what a face!


R and Sky say "Wait, we're not done with those!"

Grandma with her grandkids

L, R, Aunt J, Grandma L, Aunt J, Me and Sky

Walkin' the dog

R and Grandma L

So happy to be a Grandma at last!

D tries out Sky's new cell phone

Us with a yummy cake made by one of mom's parishioners

Lizzy-Liz and the Funky Bumps, featuring the Baby Bumps, reunion tour!


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