A Thanksgiving Full of Friends

 Although we were missing these crazy people

and the weather was terrible,

Earth and I had a fun and over-stuffed Thanksgiving Day on Kwajalein with friends

We started out with lattes and hot cocoa at Josh and Stephanie's house and then headed to the chow hall for a big buffet lunch.  Earth's godparents, Mo and Paul, were there along with some new friends and their son

 Earth ate quite a bit and then was thankful for time on his tablet!

After lunch, we headed to another friend's house where Earth and one of his besties worked up another appetite

Where would I be without these girls?

 I'm thankful for my mom friends!

We actually had to leave our second dinner to make it to the third one of night.  Earth was pretty partied out by this one but since his godparents were hosting we couldn't miss it.  A lot of pie and the Lion King movie helped change his mind about things!

  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of family, friends, and love!


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