A Quiet Night at Home

Just an evening at home with a four-year-old...

  Since I don't have much to share on here these days, I thought I would share what a regular evening looks like for Earth and I. We usually catch the 5:30 ferry from Kwaj to Ebeye and get to the apartment around 6.
First things first, change from my work clothes into something more comfy, and started some laundry.  It costs $8 per load so I try to only do one load a week. (sorry for the awkward selfies- I'm borrowing a friend's ipod until my new phone comes and I'm still getting used to it)

Earth loves it when we get mail and wanted to open the boxes we got before I made dinner.  He didn't believe that they were probably for me for my birthday
and Grandma L didn't disappoint with a new box of gummies tucked in with my presents!

The second box fit just right on Earth's head and had three of these fabulous things in it!  I don't know who sent them but thanks so much! My mornings will be a lot brighter starting now!

  I cued up the awesome playslist Sky made for me and started making dinner while Earth played

Unfortunately, both my my Trader Joe's couscous mix and my red lentils had weevils so I had to do a little re-figuring on my dinner plans.  (I keep my grains in separate plastic bags in a plastic box but I guess that wasn't enough to keep the bugs out...) 
 The spaghetti was still good so I got that started.  I used to cook on an electric cooktop because I was worried about having the open flame- it just didn't seem safe between cooking on a wooden kitchen set up and having a four-year-old- but with the rolling brown outs, I couldn't count on having electricity to cook with, so I use a little butane stove now and stay next to it while I cook.

Dinner turned out to be spaghetti alfredo with frozen vegetables, with veggie nuggets for Earth and sausage for me.  Nothing fancy at all.  We eat a lot more carbs and processed food here than I would prefer but I'm just letting it go, since there isn't much I can do.  The few vegetables that are available at the store are expensive, as is the meat, and I don't have the supplies to store or cook in any kind of quantity that would make it affordable.  Besides that, because of the commute, Earth and I don't usually eat until 6:30 or 7 and by then, I just want to make something that I know he'll eat without a fight.

  We eat on the porch most evenings - it's cooler and you can't beat the view...

 Then Earth got ready for bed

and we finished the night with my favorite movie: Wall-E

 Once Earth was asleep, I made myself some tea (in my awesome handmade mug- thanks Sophie!)

and worked on my bible study while I waited for the laundry to finish.
 Just a quiet little evening at home for Earth and I. 


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