Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 38 at the end of February and we celebrated by doing nothing... and it was great!

  D is taking a class right now and between that and work, his mind isn't at home much.  I didn't want to plan something big for myself (it just felt like too much work) so we ended up not doing much of anything.  I didn't even make a special dinner, we just had what was on the meal plan for the night, and then D put some candles on a peanut butter pie from the store.  The kids sang to me, we ate the pie and then opened a few cards and my present from D.  That was all and it was the perfect birthday.

 I took this picture before church the day before my birthday and it's probably the best present: all my kids, all looking at the camera, all mostly smiling.  This birthday was a great reminder that it really is the little things that make life wonderful.


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