Life Lately in Pictures

I think it's time for a little photo catch-up, don't you?  We haven't been doing much since we returned from Mexico, just settling back into our normal routines.  We're all starting to look forward to the end of the school year and my plans for summer are slowly coming together.
  Scout has moved in and we're getting used to each other.  She is a wonderful dog and is a great addition to our family.  House training is going slower than I wish it was so any tips there would be appreciated.
  Without further ado, here's some slices of our life lately...

A boy and his dog.  These two already adore each other

How Earth picks paint colors

Decorating for Easter.  I kept things simple and will share it in a post soon

Window-cling carrots make great mustaches!

The evenings have been beautiful lately so we've been spending as much time outside after dinner as we can

Our little padawan

Hi Scout!

Tired after a evening outside

What D has to do to get a little studying done

Sky and I treated ourselves to a girls day and had lunch at Olive Garden.  Sky was impressed that her plate of spaghetti was bitter than her head!

That's all for us right now.  How've you been?


  1. love og! Tom has been with them for over 10 years now

    1. Sky loved it- and there was a ton of food to take home!


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