Planning for Summer

  Am I the only one already thinking about how to handle summer break?  Sky and Fire will be done with school at the end of May so I have just over two months to figure out how to fill June and July.  I'm going to have all four kids home with me this summer and I would like us to all still love each other at the end of it.
  For my family, that means staying busy and having a schedule.  I'm already talking to one of our favorite baby sitters about being my mother's helper three days a week.  When he's here, we'll do our school time

 and maybe some arts and crafts.

I'm sure we'll hit the Childrens Museum

and the zoo
and the pool.

I'm sure those will keep us pretty busy but I'm also looking into summer camps:

 Art camp and gymnastics camp for Sky

 Soccer camp and engineering camp for Fire

 A friend recommended this family camp as well.  I think it sounds like a fun way to kick off the summer so we're looking into it.

Hopefully all that, plus some vacation bible school will get us through.  Are you planning for summer yet?  Have anything fun in mind?


  1. Wow, this looks like so much fun! These are great ideas. And it's a good reminder to start to think about summer...already! :)

  2. Great ideas and planning. A family camp sounds wonderful!

  3. I found your blog through a link up. I immediately recognized the iconic peacock Reid Park Zoo figure. I'm also in Tucson! Happy to find another local blogger.


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