Decorating for Valentines Day

I love decorating for holidays but kept thing simple for Valentines day: a few table decorations, some things in the window, some fun throw pillows to brighten up the living room.

I found this table runner and candy jar at Target last year.  I didn't feel like having to worry about the kids sneaking candy this year so used some stickers and cloth flowers to turn it into a cheerful vase.

This picture isn't best but I had to take it at night time since this window gets a ton of sunlight during the day.  The light-up LOVE sign and garland are from Target last year and Sky and I made the hearts a few weekends ago.

We painted craft paper really lightly with silver, purple, or pink paint and cut out hearts when it dried.  It was a fun, easy craft and Sky really enjoyed doing it.

  Happily, my usual red blankets and pillows go with the Valentine's Day theme so all I needed in the living room were these heart pillows.

  Now that we're all decorated, it's time to start prepping for Valentines card exchanges and class parties!


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