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The other day, Sky pleaded a bad cough and I let her stay home with me for the day.  Since Fire was home sick on my first "Day in the Life of a SAHM" post, it seemed fair to let Sky be in one too.

The behavioral therapist recommended using light and music to wake the kids up (I'll be doing a post on that soon) but since they "lost" my Mozart CD, I woke them up with a little Shakira this morning.

Not everyone wanted to be up

  Tuesday is my work day, when I take the little boys to the club house play room and spend a few hours catching up on bills and continuing ed.  Sky brought her homework and did a bit of work too.

We hit the park afterwards to get some energy out

Then home for lunch (and some nasty looks about doing more homework)

We picked Fire up from school and he got ready for soccer

Then it was snack time for him (and iced coffee time for me!)

There was a bit of down time before soccer so Earth ate some rocks,
Fire played on his tablet,
and I got to read a little bit of my Real Simple.
 (Quiet time for mama!  Did you hear the angels singing or was that just me?)

The rest of the day was filled with soccer, dinner, baths and bed time.  These are some full days but I wouldn't trade them for the world!


  1. Your days are very much like mine, but I have just one little kiddo to manage. He makes life so much fun but can I tell you? I could do without the messes :)

    1. The amount of cleaning required just to keep the house from being grubby is amazing, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!


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