Hiking in Madera Canyon

Sky has always loved hiking and her favorite place to do it around here is Madera Canyon.  It's a short drive away, tucked into the base of the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains.  We had rain around Christmas which meant that there was a bit of snow in the canyon!

Everyone was excited to see real snow, no matter how thin and icy it was.

Can you spot Sky in the picture?  She kept racing ahead on the trail, wanting to be the first one to see everything

Water stuck close to me and took it slow.  This is only his second time hiking and his little legs got tired easily

Earth just hung around with D!
(Don't judge me for the lack of hats and mittens in the pictures- I overslept and in the rush of getting out the door, I forgot to grab them)

Sometimes I think we're doing this parenting thing all wrong and then something like this happens and I know we must be doing something right.  Sky only weighs 10 pounds more than Water and the age gap between them means they have a hard time playing together sometimes but she has a special place in her heart for her little brothers. 

  Does your family enjoy hiking?  Where do you go when you want to get outside and away from it all?

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