Kitchen Renovation: Finally Finished!

Our kitchen is finally done! 
Thankfully it was actually finally done just before Christmas but I was finally able to get everyone out of the house and everything clean so I could take pictures and share them with you. Finally.
  Okay, enough of that and on to the pictures.  If you haven't been following our project or just want to catch up, all our previous renovation posts can be found here.

  The dining area, pantry, and kitchen seen from the family room

 A closer view of the dining area and kitchen

 The dining area and family room

 My gigantic and wonderful pantry

 My kitchen!  I love working in this space.  Everything is accessible, functional, and beautiful.

 So. Much. Counter space!
I've prepared two dinners at the same time on that counter and had room to spare.  It's truly amazing, especially when I look back at how little counter space we started with.  Having the side board space in the pantry has been great for helping keep this space uncluttered and usable.  Things still get put here all the time but now I either put them away right then if I have the time or shuffle them to side board if I don't.

 My new sink is amazing.  I wish I had taken a picture into it so you could see how big it is.  We decided to go with a single basin sink because the cabinet for it fit our layout better but we had some problems finding one that could take a garbage disposal and had a really, really flat rim.  Our plumber recommended this one and we couldn't be happier. It's pretty long and narrower than most sinks but it's perfect for washing big dishes.  I love that the faucet has the sprayer built in and the clean lines of it and the sink make my eyes happy.

 My lovely upgraded appliances
We were going to wait and get new appliances gradually but D found a great sale on the exact ones we wanted so we bought them now.  I never thought I would need a double oven but I use it several times a week and I love cooking on gas again.

 The concrete floors go great with the cabinets and give the space a more modern look

 We used the renovation as a chance to rearrange the furniture in the living room and office area as well.  This oatmeal colored couch used to be in the family room and wasn't as washable as Ikea said it was so we swapped it with the red microfiber one that was out here.  Having a smaller couch here meant we could use the space differently and I'm so happy we made the change.  Putting the couch in the window space has created a sweet little reading nook and putting the chair across from it defines the space really well.

D has since moved the computer out of our bedroom and set up his office area.  Having fewer and smaller pieces of furniture in the living room part of the room left more space for the office and we were able to define using the storage pieces.

  I saw the rainbow books on my friend Shannon's blog (click over, she's amazing, I'll wait.  No, seriously, read everything Shannon writes!  I promise my fluffy family blog will be here when you get back).  It bothers D's engineering sensibilities a little bit to see my biology text books next to calculus books but it makes me happy every time I look at it.

Have you done a kitchen renovation?  How did it turn out?  Anything you would have done differently?

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