Tucson March for Women

  On Saturday I took Earth and Water into down town Tucson and we joined with thousands of others to march for women!  I was super nervous because I'd never done anything like this before but it was great to be part of it, even at the fringes.  I wish I could have brought all the kids but Sky and Fire would have complained about the cold (it was 40 degrees- they're such island babies!) and the wait.
  I was able to keep the little boys happy with giant chocolate chip cookies and then lunch during the speeches and they happily waved at everyone while we marched.  Because I had the stroller, I ended up at the front of the march and didn't have any trouble maneuvering along the route.
  I didn't carry a sign or start any chants but my boys and I were there, showing our support for those who did and standing up against misogyny. 

 Cookies the size of our faces make waiting easier

The crowd listening to speeches

Marching for Women!


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    1. Thanks Dara! I wish I could have done more but at least I was there and supported the cause. Did you march?


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