Catching Up: Happy Easter!

Happy (belated) Easter!
This is the best picture we got of all the kids in their Easter outfits....

Seriously, they just really, really weren't into pictures that morning.  I even bribed them with cookies- these yummy cookies that I baked dozens of for Easter morning brunch at church.

Not that they don't love Easter- while I spend plenty of time explaining the real reason for Easter, I still take them to egg hunts if they're nearby.  There was one at the clubhouse that had the little kids going first, and Earth and Water had a lot of fun finding their own eggs.

What a bucket is good for while you're waiting for your big brother and sister's egg hunt to start...

Not only did Sky not want me to take her picture, she said that her Easter basket didn't want it's picture taken either!

On Easter morning, I put out baskets for the kids.  I only do two things of candy and fill the rest with little crafts and toys

Someone loved his new sock-monkey-bunny!

Three out of the four, sort-of smiling, while watching Veggie Tales

The rest of the day was full of church and more church, than naps and play time at home.  It was actually a pretty mellow day and that was great.
How was your Easter?  


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