A Busy Kwaj Weekend

  Earth and I started house sitting this week and kicked it off with a busy and fun weekend
   Just another beautiful Ebeye Sunrise

  Earth, checking out the election posters on the way to the morning boat on Saturday.

 That evening Earth played with friends at their house while I went for a run with some friends.  We slept in on Sunday morning and then took it easy:
  Magna-Tiles for him and a Bible study for me

Then a little bike riding before church

After church and lunch, my friend Rick took us out on a powerboat for the afternoon

 Earth loved seeing the nurse sharks in the marina

Rick put out a fishing line and a hand line
 and we caught a skipjack tuna right away!  It was so beautiful and I was dreaming of tuna steaks when Earth started asking to throw it back- he didn't like that it was bleeding!  I wanted to keep it but Rick went ahead and tossed it back into the ocean. 

We didn't catch any other fish but Earth had fun driving the boat
 and we got in a little snorkeling
 before Earth passed out from all the fun.

The next morning, Earth and I headed to the Rec Center for the annual holiday craft fair.  Earth rode his friend's bike there and thought it was hilarious to crash into the building right under the sign saying "No bikes"!

My favorite sight at the craft fair?  My friend Jana making nutella lattes!

That afternoon, we headed over to a friend's house so Earth could pick out his Halloween costume (he's swat Darth Vader, in case you were wondering)
  and then we rode with them to the Halloween party at the Teen Center.

Earth didn't want to do any of the activities but he loved the cotton candy!

  He and hit the beach afterwards for the perfect ending to great weekend. 
We had such a good time doing all the things that make Kwaj awesome for families this weekend.  I'm so glad we're getting out and keeping busy- it helps Earth feel more at home here and helps the time pass faster until we get to go home. 


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