Birthday Party!

   Sky was invited to her first birthday party last weekend.   A boy in her pre-school was turning three and the family invited a bunch of his friends and their partents to the Rec center for the party.  K's mom is from China and made wonderful Chinese food and there were cupcakes, a piñata, and icecream cake.  Sky had tons of fun playing with her friends.  She was so tired from playing at the party that she fell asleep almost as soon as she got home afterward.

 Thanks for the party clothes, Fairy Godmother!

Cupcakes are yummy!!!

Mama helping Sky with the Elmo piñata

Sky's pinata prize was a tootsiepop, which she's eating through the wrapper!

I have no idea how she got her shirt like this...

Once I got it off her to fix it she didn't want it back on and ran around in just her pants until I could catch her!


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