Budget Cuts

  It's that time of year again, budget season.  The Army's budget for next year has been cut again, by 13% this time and that means big changes here.  No one knows yet exactly what the the changes will be but the company is talking about layoffs again.  An article in the RMI Journal last week said that there may 40-50 contractors laid off, 100 island-hires laid off and 100 island-hires will have their hours cut in half.    That's 40 to 50 friends we may not see again.  That's 200 Marshallese who will have to find another way to feed their families.
   I know why the Army makes big budget cuts here and I can appreciate why they can't make those same kind of cuts everywhere, but the uncertainty that this brings to our lives every year is hard.  Last year, it worked in our favor.   D did get laid off but he was able to get another job at a different radar, a job with a promotion and status change, which meant that we got a house and were able to adopt our wonderful daughter.  This year, who knows?  We both work for smaller departments and both are considered mission-essential by the Army,  but that's not a guarantee that one of us won't be laid off. 
  I know, I know, times are tough, really tough, for folks back in the states and why am I complaining?  I live in paradise, don't have to pay for my house, don't need to pay for a car. If I got laid off money would get tight,  but if D got laid off our whole world would change.  We would have to leave Kwaj, because the house we live in comes with his job.  It would mean that we couldn't adopt another daughter here like we hope to, and that Sky (and that someday-sister) won't be able to grow up in their birth-culture.
  Not that we don't have something to fall back on or anywhere to go but it's hard not to worry when you're life is a number in someone else's hands.  I have to keep reminding myself:

Matthew 6, 34
 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble".


  1. Thinking of you guys...I'm sorry that it has to feel so up in the air right now. I know everything will work out alright. Sending big hugs to you all :) Michelle


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