Yup, we got sick last week, with a pretty nasty stomach bug.  D got it first, then Sky, then me.  Luckily, Sky didn't get it very bad.  Both D and I were down for a full day a each and are still pretty worn out from it.  On a positive note, we both lost about five pounds from it :).  So we've been taking things kind of slow around here lately and not doing too much.  Here are a few highlights though:

-We finally got our vacuum from our friends on Roi and D LOVES it.  Sky and the cat, not so much.
-Sky is refusing to sit her highchair.  She wants to sit at the table with us, like a big girl.  D wrapped three textbooks up in a garbage bag to make a booster seat and now we're working on how to sit in chairs properly. 
-One of the girls at pre-school that Sky plays with told her, "Jab jebwe! Nana!"  which means "No touching! Bad!".  Sky has played with her quite a bit out of school, so she probably heard me say it. What makes it doubly funny is that she's only two and a half and has cochlear implants and is still learning english herself! 
-D pointed out one of the obvious changes to our lives since we brought Sky home: milk. We used to buy one every once in a while.  Now we buy 3 a week.  Crazy.
-We've decided to go to Thailand for a family vacation in December.  We're only going for 10 days and we're not going to do too much, but we're really starting to look forward to the trip.


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