A Weekend on Roi

  I would love to say that we had another wonderful, relaxing weekend up on Roi (kind of likethis one and this one).  It wasn't all bad, just the throwing up,  poor Fire's poop-splosions (yes, his gastric expulsion problem was so bad that I made up a new word to describe it), and the fact that both D and I caught it.  Otherwise, it was another fabulous weekend on Roi.  We flew up early in the afternoon and took it easy, with dinner at the bar and then a movie at the open-air movie theater.  The kids both loved playing someplace new and while it took them a little bit to warm up to our friends up there, once they did they loved all the attention.
  Our first indication that something was wrong was the horrific smell wafting from Fire when he came into our room the next morning.  D lost the rock-paper-scissors and went to clean him up.  I rolled over and closed my eyes until I heard (something I can't type here) from the other room.  Fire didn't just have a dirty diaper, he had a dirty everything:  all of the sheets and blankets on his bed, his sisters sheets, the floor, and some of D's bed were all covered in it.  Not the best way to start your day but we put a load of laundry in the washers and soldiered on.
  I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture: more of that plus some throwing up throughout the day and through the rest of the weekend Oddly enough, Fire had a great attitude through it all.  D had started to feel yucky on Saturday night and was sick most of the day on Sunday.  I got taken out later on Saturday.  We still managed to have a great time playing at the beach and spending time with our friends.  I think the kids loved it and even if we got sick, it was still a much needed break from our every day lives. 

Riding Daddy into bed
Packing with my "helpers"
On Roi

Sandra selfie!


  1. This is so great! I am still working on my strategies to save up for a visit someday!


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