Sky's Barbie Doll

Earlier this month a friend of mine shared an article from on Facebook: I Let My Toddler Dress Me For a Week - Here's What Happened.  Go ahead, click over and read the story, I'll wait...

  What do you think?  Would you do it?  Many of my friends on Facebook were saying, "No way!" but I though Sky would enjoy the role reversal so I decided to give it a try.  Here's how it went:

Sky chose this dress because it looked like a "work dress" and the shoes because they looked like her teachers.  The bracelet is actually a necklace but she insisted I wear it on my wrist and I think it worked
I had to put some restrictions on her choices this week because of the work I was going to be doing.  She refused on consider letting me wear jeans and settled on my bright blue shorts instead.  The shirt "matches" the shorts and the orange earrings reminded Sky of the sun on the shirt.

Sky built this outfit around the scarf- she'd never seen me wear it before but since it was sparkly and purple it had to be worn.  The dress is left over from my pre-kid days on Roi and usually only gets worn as a beach cover-up now.  The dinosaur necklace was a gift from Sky and the bracelet was a gift from my Auntie. 
This outfit almost got vetoed.  The dress is a wrap dress and it just seemed a little too low cut and little too likely to unwrap to be worn at work.  D convinced me to wear it but take my word for it- do not try to ride a bike in a wrap dress!  Sky insisted on picking my shoes this day and specifically chose brown ones to go with my dress.
I got to choose my own clothes on Saturday because Sky spent the time we had been using to pick my cloths crying.  I usually try to dress a little nicer for work but it felt so good to not be dressed up that I went with my most comfortable clothes.
  How do you think Sky did?  Everyone on Kwaj that knew that I was letting her dress me for the week thought that she did a great job and made a point of saying so.  I was initially worried about what clothes she would pick (she did reach for my bright pink muumuu every morning) but looking back it seems like Sky has a pretty classic fashion sense -basic black and white with pops of color on the dressed up days and kind of fun and funky on the dressed down day.  She loved picking out my clothes every day and I loved having something new and fun to bond over with her.  I think it went really well and since Sky has been asking to do it again, there may be more "dress up Mommy" weeks in our future.

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