High Five for Friday #1

    The format I tried before for an end-end-of-the-week wrap up wasn't really working for me so I'm switching to one of the more common formats: the Friday five.  Here's five high points from my week:

#1  Tearing it up with a friend in a relay race.  Just one year ago, the baby in my jogger was a (seemingly impossible) dream and it's amazing to me that he's here in our lives.  Oh, and we kicked butt- 8:22 miles while pushing babies!

#2 This little dream baby is almost crawling.  He's got the army crawl down and is rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. D put up the baby gates the other night...

#3 You can't see it in his adorable smile but there's a tooth in there.  Between this and the crawling, I'm starting to think that Water's in a hurry to catch up with his big sister and brother.

#4  Fire learned to ride a bike- a very big deal on Kwaj- and he's so fast on it, he gives Sky a run for her money.

 #5 We're on Instagram!  Since I don't have a smart phone and we don't have cell service here, I can't share pictures on it as often as most people do but I'll try to keep it updated.
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How was your week? 

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  1. Go Fire, Go!!! I bet zooming around on the bike is the best. Love the highlight format. That's my favorite Friday version, personally ;) Thanks for linking up again!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. He's a machine! It felt like it took forever for him to figure out pedaling but once he did, he just went :) Thanks for reading!


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