This Week: Goods and Bads

  My good for this week is that it's over!  I know that's not a very upbeat way to finish the week but there it is.  Last week, things were magical at my house and this week was full of crying, hitting, and stress.  I guess that's just the nature of things, right?  On a more positive note, we are headed to Roi (another island in the atoll) for the three-day weekend.  D and I used to live up there and we try to visit every few months.  We're going to swim, feed chickens, have a bonfire, watch movies, and just try to relax a bit ahead of our trip to Honolulu next week for the kids citizenship.
  Another good for this week is that I think I've found a solution for Water's childcare that will let him get some extra attention and stimulation while keeping our nanny/housekeeper employed (I shared my dilemma about this situation last week).  I think we'll be putting him part time at the CDC with Fire and Sky and have Ms B pick him up at lunch time and keep him for the afternoon.  Water will have "school" in the mornings and this will free Ms B up to work for other families (which we'll help her find) to make up the difference in income.  D's not a fan of this solution- he thinks it's asking too much of Ms B in terms of her workload but I like that it will give her a regular income that she can count on and give her time to supplement it by working for others.  Of course, as we get more info about when a spot at the CDC will open, we'll ask Ms B for what she wants to do and go from there.
The last time we went to Roi was just a few days before we found out we'd been chosen as Water's family.  Here's a few pics from that one- hopefully this one is just as much fun!

  I'm not trying to look the unexpected gift horse of Sky and Fire's US citizenship coming through quickly in the mouth but friends, this has been the cause of a lot of stress for us this week.  Sky still doesn't do well with changes in her routine and although we're prepping her and Fire for what will come (like we do every trip) she's still worried and acting out a bit because of it.  She also doesn't fully understand what the change in citizenship means for her and that's a little scary, so again, more acting out.  It's also been a big strain on our wallets.  The tickets alone for the trip cost over five thousand dollars and while we've lived here long enough for that to be a normal price for us, it's harder to find that kind of money so soon after bringing Water home.  This wasn't the answer I expected when I prayed about what our next step as a family should be but since it's the answer we got, I'm trusting that He will make the trip possible.
How was your week?  What were your highs and lows?  Any surprises?
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  1. So sorry it's been such a stressful week for you, but that's good news regarding the childcare solution! Hang in there! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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