N600K Update- A Really Great Surprise

  We have the kids appointments for their US citizenship interviews!!!  I didn't know what to expect when I opened the envelops from USCIS yesterday but it certainly wasn't that.  As I said in my last update, we didn't expect to hear anything from USCIS for another five months and we estimated that it would be August before we had their interviews. 
  I'm a little worried that there may have been a misunderstanding over our status here and that might be what has caused our case to move so quickly.  When I was on the phone changing our interview location, I said that we worked for the military and that D had been in the Air Force.  I hope she doesn't think that D is still on active duty and that we're not taking someone elses place because of a misunderstanding.  We will apologize profusely when we get there if that is what happened but I'm not going to call USCIS to try to clear anything up and jeopardize this great processing time. 
  We received our notice of an interview by mail but I did check the USCIS website to see if there was any change to their case status' there and I didn't see anything different.  It still says when our cases were received and that they're pending. 
  Although our wallets wish that the appointments weren't happening until August (coming so soon after Water's adoption, Sky birthday, and Christmas) we're moving ahead with plans to spend a week in Honolulu.  We don't expect our applications for Sky and Fire's citizenship to be contested and we've been told that we can apply for their US passports the same day.  I can't believe this is actually happening.  I'm still a little shocked by it all.  Wish us luck!!!

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