Mommy Reality Challenge 27: After the Housekeeper Leaves

Jenerally Informed
For this Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen and Celeste challenged us to share what it's really like in our homes- not the Pinterest perfection that we usually like people to see.  Without further ado, here's what our house looks like right after the housekeeper leaves:

Looks great right?  Ms B is an AMAZING housekeeper and I love that we can have someone help us keep up with the house. 
So those are the perfect (I can work full time and manage everything) pictures of the house.  Here's what it usually looks like:

The kids were home from school for about 30 minutes and the house is trashed.  I was making dinner and they were "playing quietly".    Sky and Fire did have to clean this all up before bed time but there you have it:  what our house usually looks like.
What about you?  Care to share your "normal"?  Link up at the Mommy Reality Challenge!


  1. Haha!! It is truly amazing what children can do in such a short period of time! My husband and I lovingly refer to our children as "homewreckers"!

    1. We call them destructors! First Sky wanted to build a fort, but Fire wanted to read, and then play with cars, then Sky pulled out legos, then decided to color in her room (when she knows she supposed to only color at the table). Oh, to have so much energy!

  2. Wow, your kids are amazingly talented to be able to do that in 30 minutes. Too bad you can't bottle that skill and market it or something :).


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