Water at Six Months

 Water is happiness in a tiny little romper, with pinchable cheeks and an infectious smile and I honestly can't believe this baby is six months!  Water is the epitome of a "good" baby and the time has flown by.  He is eating baby food (for some reason, with the third child I finally have the time to make it myself!) and  so far has only had trouble tolerating pumpkin and tofu. Eating solids regularly has cleared up most of "happy spitter" problem, which we are all very happy about.  Water weighed almost 19 pounds at his six month appointment and is wearing 9M clothes.  He's still sleeping through the night and while he hasn't figured out sitting down, he loves to stand up.  He's got his front teeth slowly coming up and is so close to being able to crawl that D put up the baby gates the other night.  He's our perfect baby and we can't wait to watch him grow even more.


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