Scarf Swap

About a month ago, I entered a scarf swap over at Floral and Fudge.  I was so glad that Rachel let me participate, even though we don't live in the US.  My scarf arrived earlier this week, from Cathy at The Queen of Everything.  I love that it's lightweight and I really liked the darker plaid pattern. 
(don't judge- we've already established that I'm not a fashion blogger!)

I sent a scarf to Stephanie at Marathon Bride.  I was really worried, since mail is never a sure thing here, that she wouldn't get it in time but from her blog, it looks like it did (I'm so glad- how sad would it have been to sign up for something like this and not get a scarf?!). 
Thanks for organizing the swap, Rachel!  This was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.


  1. Great colors!
    It looks so pretty on you!
    I'm glad the mail worked well both ways :) :)

    1. Thanks! and thanks again for organizing the swap!


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