3 Days in Mexico

So we moved halfway around the world and are all finally feeling settled in.  Sky has spring break and D has a day off from work and what do we do?  We go to Mexico! 
We found a cute little house to rent in town, D packed up his kitesurfing gear and away we went.  

We drove four hours south to a little beach town called Puerto Penasco.  It was a beautiful trip through the desert
and everyone was happy to be on the road again.

Day One: 

All the kids joined us in bed and then played Hop on Pop while I made breakfast

After breakfast we loaded up the truck and headed for the beach. There are lots of beaches around Puerto Penasco and we decided to try Playa Encanta because D had heard there was kitesurfing there.  The beach was amazing- so long, with yards of sand and tide pools when the tide went out.
Almost as soon as we arrived on the beach, we met two other families also on vacation from Arizona.  They were really great, welcoming people and we ended up spending a lot of the weekend with them. 
D with our new friends

Water + chips = love!

One of the vendors on the beach was selling chili-mangoes- yum!

Our new friends were staying at a house on the beach and they invited us to stay for dinner.  We ate on the patio watching the sunset.  I don't know that we can swing a place as nice as the one they rented but I definitely think that staying on the beach is the way to do it.  It was so nice to have the kids just come and go from the beach.

Day Two

We drove around town the morning to get a better feel for the town.  We found an RV park right on the beach for only $14 a night- I think I could put up with a sandy trailer for a weekend for that price!  

The kids needed some energy run out so we hit the (chilly) pool

and then walked to lunch.

Afterwards we had quiet time

and nap time

and selfie time

and silly time.

Dinner for 19?
We met our friends out for dinner in the market.  There were so many of us that we took up an entire restaurant!

Day Three

Breakfast out is usually a catastrophe but this one went pretty well

at least once there was orange juice on the table and tablets in hand.

Water and I entertained ourselves taking funny pictures

and then he ate more of my chilequiles than I did.

I had wanted to squeeze time in at the beach but D was worried about traffic at the border so we took one more cruise around town after breakfast and hit the road.  We had hoped to stop for lunch on the way up but ended up in line at the border just as the hangries hit.  What to do?
Make sandwichs in the car.  
They were a little messy but food is food, right Water?

It only took an hour to get through the border (and a bunch of explaining about the Compact of Free Association between the US and the RMI) and we were on our way back across the desert towards home.
It's been ages since D and I have really road tripped and it was so nice to have the time to talk to each other.  The kids did great on all the drives and are already asking to go back again.  I can definitely see us heading south a few times a year for a quick beach getaways in Puerto Penasco.

Have you been to Mexico?  Does your family have a favorite vacation destination?  What makes it so great?

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