The Labor Day Fun

Our Labor day fun started two weeks before Labor day when Earth, his godfather, and a good friend signed up for the cardboard boat race.  Two engineers, one toddler, cardboard, and duct tape? Sounds like fun to me!

  Weekends were spent planning and building

  The final product was coated in duct tape and dubbed "The Silver Surfer"

  All the entries for the boat race were pretty awesome

Josh made some final, beach side adjustments

and he and Earth did some pre-race posing

Racing out into the lagoon
and back in

for first place!

  Way to go, Uncle Paul, Uncle Josh, and Earth!  Their boat was so sturdy, kids were playing on it hours later.  Earth had a great time hanging out with two of his favorite people and racing on the boat and now we have an awesome coconut trophy to bring home to remember this adventure by. 

  Earth and Josh even made the front cover of the local paper!



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