Happy Birthday, Earth!

 Happy 4th birthday to this crazy boy!

  We had two parties for Earth, one with his school friends and one with our "family" here.  The first party started out with a whole lot of wave fun at the beach

and then moved on to pizza and watermelon.

Earth wanted chocolate cupcakes for his party..
 Looks like he made a good choice!

Later that weekend, we had a small party with Earth's godparents and his Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Josh.  We had Earth's favorite dinner- burgers and fries

and then chocolate cake with sprinkles.

Earth tackled his giant pile of presents

 and was so excited to see all his gifts.

 This Euler's disk was a gift from D.  I hung up a crystal in our room that D gave me and Van likes to catch the rainbows it makes.  D sent him this so he could have rainbows any time.

  Earth, we love you to the moon and back!  I hope you have so much fun being four! 


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