Doctors Update

  We've been to see a number of specialists now. All seem to be of the opinion that they gave Sky a vaccination called BCG, and that's basically against TB itself. It causes a low grade infection that is meant to help you against the real thing. They then diagnosed her with active TB because of the vaccination. Now we have her on serious meds, and seem to have our work cut out for us proving to our employers we should be able to come home. This morning we went in for the first of three gastric samplings. They shoved a hose down her nose to get a sample of what's in her stomach to test for active TB.

  The doctors here in Kansas have been really great. They all know each other and have the same health records network, so we don't have to fill out paperwork everywhere and every time. When we got the news, my dad was on a steam engine repair shop tour w/ the guys from Abilene he rebuilt a steam engine with. Two of them were doctors and put us in touch w/ an infectious diseases specialist pediatrician who also specializes in adoptions. She did a full workup, and deemed Sky just fine.

  Sky's iron was a bit low, so we also saw a hematologist specialist who was from Croatia, and familiar w/ TB. She was the one that explained to us the BCG vaccine is actually against TB. As far as the iron, she said feed her more red meat and watch her. No big scare, especially w/ all the drugs she's on.

  So, two more early morning trips to do gastric samples, and then a long wait on those cultures. Oh, and also then we have to convince our company to let us come home. They initially said at least two months of treatment, but we're hoping the specialists can convince them this whole thing is ridiculous.

Ok, hopefully I can make next post more extremely cute pictures and less drama.


  1. I'm so relieved to know she's going to be alright. - Michelle


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