Some Quick Pics

Well, we got our clearance and tix to CONUS. We also have a lot of people saying how stupid this all is, but I'd call it no surprise. Anyway, we're packing up, but I thought I'd drop a few quick pics on here in the meantime.

Sky getting her jaja...which means something akin to being held/carried around. A favorite past time.

Phones are FUN! Especially cells. Remotes and cameras also seem to be cell phones.

She will always smile after the flash of the camera, but I caught her in the act this time.

Mommy gets some well deserved jaja time. It's well known that toddlers bond first to fathers. A has been AWESOME keeping this machine well greased and rolling, while I get all the fun. Hats off to my wife! Where would I be w/o her?

The other day we got to meet much of Heaven's family. Her mother is in the US, so we haven't met her, but her grandmother and some of her family stopped by w/ her Aunt Agnes who takes care of her, and her father, Vinay. Here he is with her and Agnes is in the background.


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