Settling in America

Novel idea!

  Here's a quick post, mainly for pictures. Sky is sick as can be w/ the cold I originally thought she gave me. It's a bad chest cold. We had a sleepless night. We were attributing it all to grief over everything that has happened, but I guess it sounds like all colds are like this. Great. She's getting better, as are we, though. She's still an island girl, not real sure about Kansas winters. Soon come.

  Still waiting on the specialist doctor visit. Everyone seems of the opinion she's definitely not contagious and probably not active, and we've seen a fair number of professionals, but next Tuesday we'll talk about getting final word. I have my TB test read on Wednesday and I am the definitive canary on this thing. Due to need to bond, and Sky's quick attachment to me, I haven't had the luxury of protecting myself.

W/ no further ado. Let the CUTENESS begin!

Sandra, I take your Down Dog and raise you...

Big girl likes to imitate us. It makes teeth brushing super easy. It will stay this easy, right?

Fun at the airport.

Sky's Aunt and Uncle who took care of her gave us this awesome coconut flower tree as a gift. We love it!


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