Finally, an update!

Bags are fun!

So are boxes!

Coolest baby ever.

First snow, she's still not sure what she thinks of it

Another first, Buffalo Wild Wings hot wings- she love them.

D's take on dirty diapers

Ducks are yummy!

Making faces with Mommy

And then giving the best hugs

Hanging out with Grandma

And meeting Great-grandma

Sky's first bike

She likes sitting on Daddy's shoulders, and it's really fun if you put your fingers in his eyes

Nope, she's not always perfect and good and happy

Sky's new scarf

No new news on the medical front yet, waiting for doctors to return from vacations so that we can get a diagnosis and then get the paperwork together for Kwaj. We are currently staying at my moms, spending quality time with her and visiting friends in Omaha. Sky's baptism is this weekend and it sounds like it's going to be a party- we've even got family coming in from the east coast to meet Sky!


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