Thanks Grandma Lynn!

   Grandma L (my mom) has been great about sending us boxes lately.  We've gotten lots of little things that we've wanted and there've been some surprises too.  One of the surprises was a kit for making a memory stone.  Two Sundays ago after naptime, Sky and stirred the concrete together and then pressed her foot into it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I hope it lasts- I'm imagining Sky putting her foot next to it through the years and marveling at how little she used to be.

  One of the things we've needed here that we can't buy at the store is a little step stool.  Now that Sky is potty training, she needs to be able to wash her hands but of course, she can't reach the sink.  My mom still had this stool, made by my brother in Boy Scouts and painted by yours truly, and she sent it out to us.  It's just the right size and I love seeing something from my childhood getting used by my child.

Thanks Grandma L!


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