That's What She Said

  A few weeks ago Sky came home from school saying "Poopo".  She would laugh like she was getting away with something every time she said it and D and let it go, thinking it was just something silly she wanted to say and that it would pass.
  This week, a combination of thing clarified "poopo" for us.  On Tuesday, the director of Sky's school told me that the speech therapist thinks Sky has a slight speech impediment and wants to test her.  She said it's just a few letters, including "H's" and that it shouldn't be too hard to correct.  I didn't really think anything of it until I was handing Sky some toilet paper later that evening and telling her to wipe.  She said "Poopo, poopo!" and started laughing, and it all came together. 
  What do you think my precious (and precocious) little girl was actually saying?  I'll give you a few clues:
1: "Poopo" is half right
2: There's an "H" missing in there, and an "L"
3: Most telling of all, Ciela's best friend at school right now is a 4-year-old boy

  Have you guessed what Sky was actually saying yet?  I'm hoping that she's done with saying the word before her speech therapy kicks in because it makes me laugh every time she says it, like it's our private joke, and I really don't want to have to correct her.  Has your kid ever said something like that- a little naughty but not quite worth correcting?  Did you let it go, or give them something else to say instead?


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