All's Quiet on the Western (Pacific) Front

  We've been up to a lot and to nothing at all.  Here's a person-by-person family update.  Pictures soon, I promise!

D: is working a lot (NASA) and pretty sad that kiteboarding season is over. 
A: is taking care of the kids a lot and isn't sad at all that the kiteboarding season is over!  I rode my bike for a trialthalon team last weekend and did a personal best of 42K in 90 minutes.  I'll be riding again this weekend in a Bike-a-Thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 
Sky: is doing really well these days.  We seem to be moving past a lot of the behavioral problems we've had with her in the past, although the trade off seems to be a loss of "listening ears".  She'll be starting speech therapy soon- we'll know more about that once the testing is done. 
Fire: is walking up a storm and growing like a weed.  He's still calm and happy most of the time and a real joy to spend time with. 

  Overall, we're doing really well.  Even though nothing is wrong, it feels like a bit of a slog right now, simply because we don't have anything big on the horizon.  That's slowly changing as my family makes plans to come a visit us this summer.  My dad will be coming for two weeks at the end of August and my brother and his family are hoping to come over the Fourth of July.  D and I are considering buying a boat, starting to talk about our next vacation, and waffling over whether or not to add to our family (this last one is just talk so far).  We're keeping busy with playdates, family movie nights, walks, paddleboarding, soccer practice, and time with friends. 


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