2 Eggs + 1 Sky = A Very Proud 3-Year-Old

   Sending Sky up the street to get two eggs from my sister-in-law might not sound like a big deal to some people, but for Sky it was a big job for a big girl. She and I were making cookies one afternoon after her nap and I realized we didn't have any eggs. Fire was still napping so I didn't want to leave the house but I really wanted to finish the cookies. After a quick phone call to L, I gave Sky a tupperware box and took her out to the alley. I pointed up the street and asked if she remembered where her cousins were staying and then said that I had a big job for her to do. I told her to walk to her cousin's house and ask her Aunt L for two eggs and to come right back. We went over the instructions three times and then I sent her on her way. I went inside to get Fire and then came back out to wait for her to come back.
   About five minutes later, Sky walked back up the alley towards me, holding the tupperware box in front of her like it was dynamite with a very serious look on her face. As she got closer, I waved and gave her a big smile and as I did, a small, proud smile began to spread on her face. When she reached me, I gave her a big hug and made sure she knew how proud of her I was for doing such a big job for me. I also made a point of asking if she was proud of herself, if she felt good in her heart, for doing such a big thing, and gave her another big hug when she said she was.
Sky is three-and-a-half now and such a wonderful girl! I can't believe how much she's learning and growing and even now, days later, I'm proud of my big girl and so glad I had the chance to help her be proud of herself.


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