An Evening on Ebeye

  We wanted to make sure that my brother and sister-in-law got to meet Fire's grandparents before they left for Majuro, so we headed over to Ebeye on their second night here.  When we got to the house, Bubu had bought shell leis for everyone and passed them out as we made introductions.  Then Bubu, L, and I went shopping.  We bought fabric to have some clothes made and then L picked out a guam as another souvenir. 
  By the time we got back to the house, Jimma was home from work so we headed out to our favorite restaurant on Ebeye: Sit N' Eat.  They have a little bit of everything on their menu and it's all good but I almost always have the spam ramen bowl- yum!  It got tricky towards the end with some antsy toddlers but all in all dinner went well. 
  Since I still have trouble reading the ferry schedule, we missed the first boat back to Kwaj and ended up hanging out for a little longer than we meant to at Bubu and Jimma's house.  If they minded, they were gracious (as usual) about it.  D took J and L out for some jambo-jambo (a short walk around) while I stayed at the house to bwebwenato (talk, share stories) with Bubu.  It was getting dark and starting to cool down and kids started coming out of the wood work. The big kids watched the little kids and organized games for them. Everyone wanted to play with R and I and they ended up feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. 
 Eventually we caught the boat back to Kwaj- the kids all fell asleep while the grown-ups talked and looked at the stars.  I think that J and L had a good time and I was so happy they got to meet Bubu and Jimma.  Ebeye can be shocking to some people but I think my family got to see the best of it in the short time we had.

 Waiting to catch the boat
 Getting leis from Bubu
 Fire and Sky showed Rhys and Isaac how to climb the tree in Bubu and Jimma's yard
 We survived dinner in a restaurant with four kids under four


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