I'm Leavin' On a Jet Plane!

  I'm leaving at the end of next week for trip back to the US.  I've kept pretty quiet about it because I wasn't certain until recently that it was actually going to happen.  I'll be spending three weeks in the US, in DC specifically, for work.  I'd originally hoped that I could bring one of the kids with me on my trip but that didn't work out, so I'll be traveling solo for the first time in about eight years.  I'm dreading the trip a little bit, not because DC won't be fun but I'm really going to miss my family and I think I'll be pretty bored without two kids and a husband to fill up my time. 
  I'll be staying in a nice hotel, learning things for my new job, and then eating out in restaurants, going to museums and movies, and making the best of it.  Since this isn't really a family trip, I'll be blogging about it at my old travel blog Amber On The Road.  Click on over to see what I'm up to.  D will be on his own with the kids- don't worry, I've got lots of help lined up for him- and hopefully he'll find a free minute or two to post here.


  1. Well, well, you will be in our corner of the world. how long are you going to be in DC?


  2. I'll be in DC for another week and a half. Are you close enough that maybe we could get together? Send me an email if so.


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