A Few Changes Around Here

  I've been making a few changes to the blog- have you noticed?  I've taken out the personal names so you'll see our family is now A (myself), D (hubby and daddy), Sky (our big girl), and Fire (our little boy).  I'd appreciate if you stick with this scheme in comments.  We also have an new email address, just for blog traffice: OurCharmedLife(dot)net(at)gmail(dot)come.  We're working towards deidentifying the blog a bit so that I can take it public again.  I've missed sharing our experiences with a wider audience and as we move ahead with the kids' US naturalization and our US adoption, others might benefit from our experiences. 
  Thanks for sticking with us through this slow period.  We're re-engaging in our lives here a bit more now that a move is probably off the table and I'm hoping to do a better job of documenting that here.  Is there anything that you would like to hear more about?  Do you have any questions for us, about life on Kwaj or adoption or anything else that makes up the life of a young family?


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