Baby Ballet

 Sky took a ballet class from a friend of ours this summer, Ms Michelle.  It was an 8-week beginner ballet class for 4-7 year-olds and Sky loved it.  She loved the clothes, the spinning, the attention from her sweet teacher.  Sky seems to have an innate talent for dance and I hope we can keep encouraging it here. 
  The class was drop-off style so I usually didn't stay after telling Sky goodbye but I hung around for a little bit this time and heard something wonderful, something that makes me so happy that Sky got to take this class from Ms Michelle and makes me hope she can take more.  The first thing she did was have all the girls sit around her in a circle.  Once they were seated and calm, she asked them to repeat the three class rules.  I was expecting to hear something like, "We will listen when the teacher talks" but instead, I heard six little girl voices say, "I am beautiful." and "I will respect and care for myself and the other dancers".  There was one more but I missed it.  How perfect.  How wonderful for Sky and the other girls to hear someone they admire and respect stressing those things to them.  I hope we can continue to have Ms Michelle's influence in Sky's life- she is a wonderful teacher, both for dance and for life.



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