Mommy Reality Challenge #33: Bedside Table Treasure Hunt

Leapfrog and Lipgloss

The challenge this time is to share what your bedside table looks like.  I swear, I usually try to keep mine organized because it's the one space in the house that I really have full control over and I like things neat, but since these challenges are about nitty-gritty parts of mommy-hood, I took the pictures as-is.

I see unfinished sewing projects, a cross-stitch diagram for a project I haven't started, some work papers, a letter from our family Compassion sponsor child, and a stack of books (including the requisite parenting book!)

Things are pretty neat inside the first drawer: a finished latch-hook rug (I like crafting, okay?!), my spare glasses case, and a stack of stationary from Jones Design Company's PaperWorks.  See, organized.

The second drawer is a goldmine of randomness: Old address books, old Christmas cards, my licensing paperwork, the cat's vet paperwork, Ipod cords, jewelry boxes, and conversation cubes left over from when I was teaching English on Ebeye. 

It's your turn- what's on your bedside table?  Is it organized or does it fill up stuff that doesn't go any place else? 

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  1. I love doing latch hook! It has been years since I have done one and now you have revived that creative interest with your picture! So, thank you :) Your bedside table holds a pretty neat treasure trove for sure!

  2. I'm so glad you didn't tidy up a bit before we got to take a look! You have some awesome treasures in there. My daughter and I read the Doll People several months ago together and loved it. The cat vet bill made me LOL. Some people keep things to help them relax bedside... you keep your cat vet bill. Haha. Forgive me, it's early and I'm easy amused :D


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