Around Here Lately, in Pictures

  If Water and Earth wake up early, I'll sometimes take them for runs so that they can get a little bit more sleep.  It works like magic every time (and I get a little bit more workout from pushing them!)

  That look that Sky is giving?  That's aimed at Fire because he tried to snatch a piece of her banana cake.  She did not want to share what she'd worked so hard to make.

  How many kids can you fit on a toy ATV?  Turns out this one fits three but just barely, and it gets extra tight when Sky tries to hide behind her new friend.

Jelly beans at the park at sunset- a good end to a good day

Trying on Daddy's shoes

Trying to get a picture of all myself and all three kids at a concert on the green...
That's the best one!

  These are pretty cute too, though

When two one-year-olds play together, you definitely need two footballs because sharing is not an option

Since his top teeth are coming in, I tried giving Water some bread with dinner the other night.  Most of it ended up in his chair or crushed in his fingers.  I think I'll wait a bit longer before trying real food again...

My living room lately, full of forts (of course, one for Fire and one for Sky because sharing would be out of the question).  It's so great to have the extra space so that they can play big games like this without it being in the way like it was on Kwaj

  That's us, here and now.  How are you?


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